Patrizia Invitations

Patrizia Invitations

  • What is included in the basic invitation set?

    At a minimum, invitation suites include a custom invitation (two panels), return address printed mailer or envelope, a matching response card, and a response envelope with return address.  Additional enclosure cards and services, including stamping and addressing are available upon request at the initial consultation…

  • What is the price for an invitation set?

    All our invitations are individually handcrafted and custom designed to suit each client’s vision, individual style, and budget.   Our prices are based on the type of materials chosen, printing process, embelishments, quantity ordered  and additional services selected.  Minimum prices starts at $ 8.00 for a  custom two panel invitation with envelope and two inserts (response card and response envelope).  Do not be afraid to contact us for a quote as we will work with you to stay within your budget.

  • How many invitations should I order?

    We recommend that you get a good count of the people you want to invite before you decide how many invitations you will need.   If you do not order enough invites you may end up paying for expensive reprints and if you order too many your budget may get out of line.  We recommend that you add approximately 10 extras.  That usually covers any last minute additions or changes.

  • Do you make up samples?

    Unfortunately due to the cost of the materials and the fact that everything we do is custom, it is price prohibitive to make just one.  We will send proofs for every element that is printed and you will receive swatches of papers.

  • When should I mail my invitations?

    Normally invitations are send 6-8 weeks before your wedding date.  If you are having a destination wedding it is customary to mail them 10-12 weeks before the wedding date to allow guests enough time to make arrangements.

  • What date should I use on my Response cards?

    We recommend approximately 4 weeks before the wedding date.  You should check with your reception venue/caterer to verify when they need the final guest count and then add 1-2 weeks so that you can personally call the people that did not RSVP.

  • What postage rate will I need?

    Most of our invitations will need the 2oz rate.  Depending on the number of layers of the invitation, pockets or gate folds, envelope liner, and embelishments some invitations may need the 3 oz rate.  We will let you know the weight of your invitation once we enter the production stage.  The Response cards and envelopes will need the 1 oz rate.  Please keep in mind that square invitations and unusual shapes are also more expensive to mail. We will work with you to keep postage expense within your budget.

  • How much do custom stamps cost?

    Custom stamps cost a little bit more than regular stamps but they are worth it !!   We use to create custom stamps and charge a very small fee for creating and uploading your custom design.

  • Do I need to hand cancel my invitations?

    We recommend it.  The quality of our paper makes most of our invitations too thick to make it through the post office stamping machine cleanly.  They get wrinkled, sometimes it takes off some of the graphics,  and the ink of the stamp smears and makes the envelope messy.   Keep in mind that some offices are understaffed and may not have time to hand cancel a large number of invitations, however, they may allow you to hand cancel them yourself.  If you do not get help from one office you may consider trying another, preferably in a smaller location as they tend to be a little more friendly.

  • What other services do you offer?

    We will create anything you can think of.  We will do coordinated table numbers, seating cards, programs, signs, menu cards, gift basket inserts,  thank you cards or anything else you might need.

  • Do you work with clients out of your area?

    Yes we do!  Thanks to email, videoconferencing, phone and fax it is not only possible but also fast and convenient to work remotely with you.

  • Why should I choose custom design?

    Our clients are looking to add a unique and individualized aspect to their event.  We at Patrizia Invitations offer an alternative to cookie cutter invitations.  Our custom invitations set your style and tone of the event and creates excitement that showcases your individuality.