Patrizia Invitations

Patrizia Invitations


We begin with a meeting, either in person, by phone, or video conference.  If you do not live in South Florida, do not worry, we work with brides from out of the area all of the time. The purpose of this consultation is to determine your style and your needs.  We will discuss budget, timing, and aesthetic details such as color schemes and themes.  We encourage you to have pictures of the wedding dress, venue, flowers, cake, and other inspiration of special meaning to you.  At this time, we will be happy to provide you with samples of paper and various embellishments.  We would love to meet with you about 6 months before your wedding date.

It is important to note that because all work is custom, we are not able to make a physical sample before production begins. If a physical sample is required, a non-refundable minimum charge of $50.00 will apply.  We work with electronic proofs of your invitation.


Within a few days after the initial meeting, we will prepare an estimate based on the details of our consultation.  A contract outlining the total costs, the timetables, and the various delivery dates will be presented.  Once the contract is signed, a 50% deposit is collected and then finally the design process can begin!


The design process should begin about 4 -5 months before the wedding date, whenever possible.  Using the information gathered from our initial meeting, we will create a few preliminary designs which will be sent via email.  From there we will work together to revise and create a unique custom design that you love and that represents the style and feel of your wedding.   We will work on the invitation first and once a layout has been decided, the design will be extended to the enclosures and additional materials.


Once a design has been agreed upon, and you have  signed and approved each proof, then production and printing will begin.  Please remember that proofing is your responsibility.  This stage can take between 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.  We encourage you to begin production at least 8 weeks before you plan on mailing your invitations.


We would love to address your invitations! This is an additional charge but well worth it.  We offer digital calligraphy to match the fonts used in your invitation and enclosures to create a cohesive and stylish package.  It will create the perfect look.