My name is Patrizia and I am Italian-Venezuelan.  My family is from Italy and still lives there.  I was born in Venezuela and lived there for many years.  When my family moved to South Florida I followed them and have been here since.  As a result of living in so many places I am fluent in Spanish, Italian, and of course English.  In addition, I am familiar with the many traditions and customs that all these different cultures still observe.  Truly international !!

Ever since I was little I have had a passion for papers and fonts.  I have always collected beautiful paper for no specific reason other than I loved the prints, textures, and colors.

With a degree in Advertising and a post graduate in Education, I was the one person everyone asked to created posters and artwork in the business world and later used font and color to capture student’s attention and enrich their knowledge.

In 2009 I was looking for an invitation that represented the feel and style of my wedding,  one that guests would remember and it would stand out from the ‘rest’.  I was unable to find the perfect invitation so I decided to create my own.  Guests  and friends loved it and asked me to create their own invitations for a variety of events.   I loved creating the invitation suites as it offered me a creative output.   Over time my friends encouraged me to open my own business doing what I loved and so Patrizia Invitations was born !!

It is my pledge to provide you with the highest level of personalized customer service possible.  I assure that every set of  invitation will be hand assembled using the finest papers, ribbons and exquisite materials.  Each invitation is unique and one of a kind.   I look forward to creating a unique, custom, one of a kind expression of your event.